About us


Faith in Freelancers began when I went to a Christian business link event. At the event we were talking about how we could fund church planting in a different way. Most church plants either happen through sponsorship or running of businesses like coffee shops. This is ok, but does not bring in wealth to the local community for longer term sustainability. Faith in freelancers aims to do this by providing opportunities for freelancers to pitch for work which they might not have access to. By creating financial income to a family who is part of a church, tithing can bring income to the local church and help pay for staff. We have so many businesses in our church who pay secular companies to do their web or graphic work. Why not pay a fellow believer to do this if it is at the same standard?


To provide economic opportunities for quality Christian freelancers.


Connecting businesses and organizations to Christian Freelancers using our online platform.


We wanted something that explained our vision and mission. Faith in freelancers was born. 

Our name means two things:

  1. Have faith in the freelancers to produce excellent work for you and your company
  2. The faith that is in the freelancers - being faith filled - Christ filled.