Freelancer profile setup guide

Freelancer profile setup guide

Setting up a freelancer profile on our site is quick and easy to do, you can get a great looking profile in as little as 5 minutes. The first thing to do is to head over to the register page and proceed through the steps to register as a user. Make sure on the second step that you choose “Freelancer” as the profile type (see below).

Freelancer profile type

Once you have registered and verified your account (via email or by emailing [email protected]) there are two main things to look at.

We go through it in the video below or written under the video.

  1. Profile Settings

On this page there are some key settings to fill out, these are:

  1. Name and last name.
  2. Hourly rate.
  3. Tag line – this is to give the employers a quick overview of what or who you are.
  4. Description – this is a paragraph about who you are. We suggest adding a little about Jesus in there.
  5. Profile picture – Set an image of yourself here, this helps to make it personal and gives the employer security.
  6. Your location.
  7. My skills – Add some skills you have here.

There are more settings such as experience, education, awards and even a profile video. These are all great and will benefit your profile but you may want to leave this for another time.

2. Add some services

The next thing to do is to add some services that you do or can offer in this way. You may be a graphic designer and have a rate for logo design or a copywriter and have a price per guest blog post. This is where you would add this.

Fill in the relevant information on the service form, try to include as much information as possible, be transparent and honest with the employer.

One interesting point to mention is the add-on services. Here you can add “add ons” where the employer can add more services into the order, this is great for up-selling. An example could be Logo Design and the add-on might be “brochure design”. Make sure you add them here as the employer might want to add this on in one order.

After this you have set up a great looking profile. You can always do and add more as you go along.

One final thing to do is to go and check if there are any projects posted that you could send a proposal in for here.

We hope this has been helpful, get in touch with any questions.

Be blessed!

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