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Web design, Divi and branding

I run Lucid Rhino Web Design, a design company based in Northampton, UK.

In short: I design and build WordPress websites, develop online e-commerce shops, manage hosting and web domains and help my clients develop brilliant branding strategies.

I’ve built things for charities, shops, churches and for fun. I’ve delivered projects communicating through print, social media, events, music, video, email newsletters and my speciality — websites and digital marketing.

Alongside my core work I provide copywriting, blazing fast supported WordPress web hosting, 3D animation, 2D and stop motion animation and tools for website SEO, security and speed optimisation.


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  •  JFLT Ltd
  •  Jul 2012 - Mar 2019

I started out in this job as the webmaster for a large church with a range of ministries. This involved managing websites and content publishing for about 10 websites, growing to about 20something. I also contributed regularly to video production with filming, editing, and 3D animation.

Over time the job grew and I was asked to take on management of the creative team, providing direction and oversight for music production, literature, graphic design and video production.

○ Management of a team of 5-7 members of creative dept staff (covering literature, graphics, sound and video), providing direction, line-management and admin cover.
○ Leadership and management for various creative projects (including an album and accompanying video series).
○ Web design, development and administration for a wide range of church websites
○ Management of online social presence on behalf of various church ministries
○ Input to the creative development and execution of large church events
○ Creation of visuals to support church video projects using Maxon Cinema 4D


  •  Lucid Rhino Web Design
  •  Dec 2019

Sole trader under Lucid Rhino Web Design - https://lucidrhino.design
I provide web design, web development, branding and web hosting services.

IT systems developer

  •  House of Goodness
  •  Jul 2011 - Jul 2012

○ Creation of database management web tools for several businesses
○ Build of web applications for a commercial intranet
○ Illustration of icons

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