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Make SEO make sense

If you’re looking for a professional teammate and collaborator for cross border marketing, then you’ve found me.

I live in Denmark, but I’m an international guy who is used to living and travelling all over the world. This is how I found this need for cross border marketing.

Many companies only focus on their own markets, but don’t see the big ones right next to them.

I offer the full palette of marketing tools:

– Strategic planning,
– Marketing strategy
– Google Ads
– L:inkbuilding
– Morningscore (SEO and linkbuilding tool)
– PR/Copywriting (English and Danish)
– Chatbot

The chatbot is free and you can download it and install it through www.tawk.to
If you’re looking to expand your markets this is a very useful tool to get customers. I charge for training staff and offer danish customer agent for this service. Otherwise it’s all free. And it’s a great chatbot. Try it out at www.seosense.dk

Morningscore is a great SEO and linkbuilding tool, that I recommend. You can get a 14 day trial to see for your self. I train staff for free to use it.
If you choose to purchase this wonderful tool, let me know and I’ll get you a discount code.

If you twist my arm, I’ll also work with SoMe and a couple of influencers that will market your brand.

I do collaborations as well, so if you also offer some of the same as above, maybe we could work together on a project.


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Marketing strategist

  •  SEOsense
  •  Jan 2017 - Jan 1970

As a helping hand in the online business, when your company needs to increase sales or enter new markets, SEOsense is your strategic partner.

How we help you:
- Specializing in cross border marketing strategies through our network of online platforms, bloggers and social media influencers.
- Conceptualization and development of businesses and products.
- Outsourcing of copywriting, SEO and Google Adwords, so you can focus on other things.

Are you too busy? Let us help you! We give you more time to do more business.


PBa. International Trade and Marketing

  •  EAL
  •  Aug 2011 - Till Now

Educated in marketing strategies and how to brand your company.

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