Tayo Keyede

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I help you "write right"

I provide excellent editing/proofreading service which will make your writing brilliant and totally error-free. I edit/proofread fictional and non-fictional works such as novels, biographies, dissertations, essays, theses, Christian books, academic texts, journals, children storybooks, etc.
I have over ten years of work experience as an editor. I have edited manuscripts which have been nominated for and won literary prizes both locally and internationally. Some of them are:
1. “Boom Boom” by Jude Idada (Winner, 2019 NLNG Nigeria Literary Prize for Literature)
2. “Things that Start Small but Sweet” by Bibi Ukonu (2018 ANA/ ABUBAKAR GIMBA PRIZE FOR SHORT STORIES)
3. “Do Not Say It’s Not Your Country” by Nnamdi Oguike (Made Booktique Ghana 2019 Reading List (No. 8))
4. “A Conference in Ennui” by Rotimi Ogunjobi (Nominated for the Commonwealth Book Prize 2012).
I check for proper sentence construction, punctuation, consistency, and improve readability. I also proofread the print-ready copy to catch whatever errors that may find their way in during the typesetting and designing process.

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