How it works

How it works

Learn how Faith In Freelancers works and how it can help you

Faith in Freelancers have two main ways to work on our platform. You can either purchase pre-specified services or post a project of your own.


Services are pre-made services each freelancer provides. These may not be all that they do, but simply ones they can offer this way. It could be something like a logo design or a SEO audit. The freelancer will tell you what they will do and give you a price - like it, buy it!


Projects are designed for more specific or complicated jobs. You post all the requirements you have, include images and even documents. Once posted, this will be open to the freelancers to send in their proposals and how much they would charge for this. Once you find the freelancer you like, simply hire them to get started.


Once you know what you want and who you want to hire, use our platform to select them to hire. At this point the employer pays the money to us. 


Once you have your service or project on the way, you can communicate and manage the work on our platform. This is great to keep it all in one place and is advised in case there are disputes, in this case all correspondence will be on our platform so you will be protected.


All money is paid to us for safe-keeping. We hold the money from start to finish for peace of mind for both parties. The freelancer knows that when they deliver the product, they will get paid. The employer has security of getting a refund if what was promised is not delivered.


This platform is designed for Christians to help further the kingdom of God. Ideally, it is designed to be used only by Christians but if you want to come along - please join.

  • What work can be done on Faith In Freelancers

    Anything you can do on a computer can be done through Faith In Freelancers. We do have local services like Photography or Videography but these are limited to your local area.

  • How does Faith In Freelancers make money?

    We charge contractors 10% of each project or service. This allows for running and advertising the platform so it can grow

  • Do you have to be a christian to use Faith In Freelancers?

    This platform is made for Christians. Ideally all freelancers will have a relationship with Jesus but others can join too so please check out each profile and read the description to get to know each freelancer more.

    If you want to hire (employer) you do not need to be a christian.

  • Disputes

    We have the ability for both Employer and Freelancer to lodge a dispute. If you feel you have been treated unfairly or cheated out of a project, simply lodge a new dispute on your account dashboard. The steps taken are as follows and follow what the bible says in Matthew 18:15-17 

    1. Talk to each other, please approach the other party and speak about the issue. Make sure you approach with respect and honour. If this does not work, go to step 2
    2. Lodge an official dispute on our platform. We will read it and speak to both parties. If at this point one does not get back to us within 30 days, their side of the story will not be taken into account as evidence.