How to make God the centre of your working life?

How to make God the centre of your working life?

As a Christian, your life should all be to glorify God, be it at home, church or in the workplace. We are often told to “keep the fire” during the week and to not be a Sunday Christian where you live one life during the week and another on Sunday. This is great but what does this look like practically? How do you make God the centre of your work, especially when you are working with non-Christians? We go through 4 steps to do this.

1) Make Jesus a board member of your business

If you are thinking of starting or have started your own business, the one thing to think of is your job title and who are the board members. When I started Divi Engine & Faith In Freelancers, I wanted to include Jesus in my work and to put him first. I made a physical acknowledgement of this by naming my job title as Co-Founder. I co-founded the companies with Jesus so why not make my job title this? 

Whatever you do, do it in the name of the Lord and give thanks to God.

When I quit my full-time job to working for myself, I was doing contract work to pay the bills. When the company who I was working for asked me who I co-founded my company with I always replied “Jesus”, it was quite funny to see their reaction to this. At first, they must have thought I was crazy but it opens discussion and they can see that I am confident, not ashamed and someone who they can trust as I am not hiding who I am.

In any decision you make, try to remember to include God in this. This is something I fall short all the time and have to constantly remind myself of this. If we look at the early reign of King David before making a decision, he approached God for council, why do I so often do it the other way around?

2) Do not be ashamed

Romans 1:16: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” 

This verse is so powerful in building up the confidence to proclaim that you are a follower of Christ. 

We need to not be ashamed in the workplace or in our businesses – this means we involve him in our conversations and in our working life. I think this does not mean to “preach” to people all the time as it talks about throwing pearls to pigs in Matthew 7:6, forcing to talk about God can actually cause more damage so we need to be spirit-led, listen to the Holy Spirit and let God talk through you rather than you talk.

In my business life, I actively show I am not ashamed by putting a verse on the footer of my website. I put Romans 8:1 there. It is a statement of thanks to God for giving me my business and blessing it. I have had quite a few nasty comments about how they were going to purchase my plugin and then saw the verse and ran. This is ok, I am not going to let people or the devil scare me into changing this. If God is in my business he will bless it, I do not need to look to men for blessings. If God is for us, who can be against us?

3) Pray for your customers/colleagues

This is something we should be doing for our friends and family daily (again I fall short in this area) and why not our customers and who we work with too? Pray for their salvation! What about the ones that mistreat you, who curse and abuse you? Pray, pray, pray!

We are instructed to pray for others: Romans 10:1: “Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.”
Luke 6:27-28 talks about loving and blessing those who curse you

So what does this look like in my business? Well, I do pray for those, especially those who curse me. I find it helps me to forgive them and pray for God to bless them (even when at first I do not want to) helps break down the barrier of hate I may put up. 

Looking at Divi Engine, in all my plugins, the very first file that I include I have a prayer for my customers and whoever views the website. The prayer is that they find the blessing of knowing Jesus. So this prayer is added to each website which then hits many computer screens, whoever is viewing the website is getting this prayed over them. Why not pray in code? God is the master coder!

In case you cannot read the text in the image below, the prayer goes like this: “Father God, I pray that you bless the people who interact and who own this website – I pray the blessing to be one that goes beyond worldly treasures but understanding the deep love you have for them. In Jesus name, Amen”. I then go on to write The Way of Love – 1 Corinthians 13 MSG.

4) Work with integrity

Col 3:23 “Whatever You Do, Work At It With All Your Heart, As Working For The Lord, Not For Human Masters”

In all you do, do it to glorify God. Integrity is such a rare thing to find in the secular world that when we show it, we can show a little of God’s nature.

I think of when I used to do retained work for customers. I used to quote for 10 hours for example and only end up doing 6. Instead of taking the extra 4 hours, I would mention that I only did 6 and charge accordingly. This I felt showed honesty and integrity resulting in a better working life with my customers and more work my way. If they know that you are not overcharging them, they will come back.

Imagine this happened to you, paid someone for a job and they refunded you back the money that was misspent, what impressions would you have of them, would you use them again for more jobs?

I recently had an occasion where I hired someone to do some development for work me, long story short, they did not deliver and charged for around 5 hours for one line of code. 

Does this show integrity and will I use them again? No. 

Showing integrity not only shows who God is but also results in more business for you, the opposite is also true, it will result in not returning customers


Let’s create a culture on Faith In Freelancers where we are making God the centre, not being ashamed, praying for others and working with integrity. Imagine what we can do as God’s people, imagine how we and our customers can all benefit from God’s blessings as he is part of it!

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how you bring Jesus in your workplace, please comment below.

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