Section 5 describes what fees you agree to pay to Faith In Freelancers in exchange for Faith In Freelancers providing the Site and Site Services to you and what taxes Faith In Freelancers may collect, as detailed below.


Freelancers pay Faith In Freelancers a Service Fee (as defined in this Section 5.1) for the use of the Site Services. 


Our fee structure is:

  • 10% of the money collected (charged to the freelancer).
  • A handling fee is charged to the employer. This fee is used to pay the charges we have when moving the money into the freelancer’s account. It is as follows
    • $500 and under = 5%
    • $500 – $1500 = 3%
    • $1500 and up = 2%
    • The maximum handling fee is $100

This fee is 10% of the amount spent so please make sure you take this into account when posting a service or sending a proposal for a project. We take 10% so we can:

  1. Run this platform – website, hosting, emails etc
  2. Advertise – promote the website to businesses to generate more income for freelancers

Faith In Freelancers charges service fees to Freelancers, as set forth in the Fee and ACH Authorization Agreement and the Direct Contract Terms, for using the Site’s communication, invoicing, reporting, dispute resolution and payment services, including facilitating arbitration services and Hourly Payment Protection. The Service Fees (to use the Site Services) are paid solely by Freelancer. 

When an Employer pays a Freelancer for a Project or when funds related to a Project are otherwise released to a Freelancer, Faith In Freelancers will credit the Freelancer Account for the full amount paid or released, and then subtract and disburse to Faith In Freelancers the Service Fee. Freelancer hereby irrevocably authorizes and instructs Faith In Freelancers to deduct the Service Fee from the Freelancer Account and pay Faith In Freelancers on Freelancer’s behalf. In the event the Freelancer chooses to withdraw funds in a currency other than U.S. dollars, there may also be a there may also be a foreign currency conversion charge; the rate may differ from rates that are in effect on the date of the payment and you may be able to obtain a better rate from your bank or financial institution.


Freelancers may pay Faith In Freelancers a disbursement fee for remitting payments to their preferred payment method (“Disbursement Fee”). The Disbursement Fee is paid to Faith In Freelancers in consideration of costs incurred and administration of disbursements via the disbursement method requested by Freelancer and varies by disbursement method. The Disbursement Fee for each disbursement method is listed at under Fees and Schedules on the Site as revised from time to time.

Additional activation, maintenance, and account fees may be charged by the disbursement method requested by Freelancer.


Employers pay Faith In Freelancers a fee for payment processing and administration related to the Freelancer Fees they pay to Freelancers they engage through the Site, as described in the Fee and ACH Authorization Agreement. Employers do not pay fees if they use the Site solely for Direct Contracts.


Faith In Freelancers may be required by applicable law to collect taxes or levies including, without limitation, withholding income tax or VAT (while some countries may refer to VAT using other terms, e.g. GST, we’ll just refer to VAT, GST and any local sales taxes collectively as “VAT”) in the jurisdiction of the Freelancer (the “Taxes”). In such instances, any amounts Faith In Freelancers is required to collect or withhold for the payment of any such Taxes shall be collected in addition to the fees owed to Faith In Freelancers under the Terms of Service.


Faith In Freelancers does not introduce Employers to Freelancers and does not help Freelancers secure Projects. Faith In Freelancers merely makes the Site and Site Services available to enable Freelancers to do so themselves and may from time to time highlight Projects that may be of interest. Therefore, Faith In Freelancers does not charge a fee when a Freelancer finds a suitable Employer or finds a Project. In addition, Faith In Freelancers does not charge any fee or dues for posting public feedback and composite or compiled feedback, including Composite Information.