Service Detail

6 Hours of Custom WordPress Website Updates

Websites need constant work to make them perform. This is a fact! I spend all day long working on WordPress Websites, making them perform through custom updates. While this service is customized to your needs, here are a list of updates I am experienced at performing:

  • Security customization to secure your data. This includes the removal of malware.
  • Speed customization to make your website load faster.
  • Migrating websites form one server to another.
  • DNS customization to make your website url work.
  • Email issues. Troubleshooting email issues.
  • Style updates using CSS. This includes color, borders, box shadow, movement, etc.
  • Content updates using HTML. This includes working with videos, audio clips, blog writing, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Here are a few websites that I have updated and continue to update.


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